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Lauren Howard, CCC

No matter how far down the well you find yourself, there are always hands waiting to help you climb up. Just reach!

Lauren’s sights were on counselling from an early age. After a few unexpected diversions, she finally found herself on this path nearly a decade ago after witnessing an unmet need in several areas of mental health. Lauren has worked hard to fill this gap and is eternally grateful for the support she has received along the way both in her personal life and career. She is constantly mindful of the wisdom someone shared with her: “no matter how far down the well you find yourself, there are always hands waiting to help you climb up. Just reach.” And, as she embraces that wisdom for her own life, she confidently offers that lifeline to her clients.

Thoughtful, creative, respectful, and hardworking, Lauren is constantly striving to evolve as a counsellor. Her goal is to support her clients in meeting their own needs and building the strength to care for themselves. She helps her clients navigate the world in a healthy way and take steps towards goals they previously thought were unattainable or seemed impossible

Lauren is constantly searching for new ways to challenge herself. Inspired by a recent dance festival she has is now taking dance classes. Not only does this outlet enable her to let go of life’s stresses, it helps her to appreciate what it feels like to start something new. Although the thoughts of “I can’t do this” occasionally arise, she gains strength with each practice. This strength is something she wants her clients to experience and she revels in their bravery as they not only arrive for their first session but then continue and share their lives and struggles. When her clients heal and progress, no matter how small that step may seem, Lauren feels celebratory.

Lauren completed her Masters at Pacifica Institute in California and her Master of Counselling at the University of Lethbridge. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCPA), an approved CVAP provider and ICBC-friendly.


  • RAnorexia Nervosa
  • RBulimia
  • RCompulsive Overeating
  • REating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified & Other Specified Eating or Feeding Disorders
  • RSurvivors of sexual abuse, rape, human trafficking and incest
  • RTrauma
  • RPost-Treatment Care; Eating Disorders, Drugs, Alcohol
  • RSuicidal Thinking, Suicide attempts
  • RSelf-Harm (cutting, burning, risky behaviours, etc.)
  • RWomen’s Issues
  • RVicarious Trauma Prevention & Recovery for Professionals and Helpers
  • RBorderline Personality Disorders

Methodology & Approaches

  • RDepth Psychology
  • REMDR 1
  • RMindfulness approaches
  • RNarrative Therapy
  • RRelational Psychotherapy
  • RAttachment-based Psychotherapy
  • RSolution Focused
  • RCBT
  • RSkype/Video Counselling
  • RGroup Counselling


  • RBachelor of Arts, University of Lethbridge
  • RMaster of Arts in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • RMaster of Counselling, University of Lethbridge
  • RCertified Canadian Counsellor (CCPA)
  • RApproved CVAP provider & ICBC-friendly

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