The Benefits of Worrying If I were to tell you that you received a definite benefit from excessive worrying, would you believe me? Well according to a recent study there is good reason to worry. However, some people worry more than others. And, when worry becomes excessive this can

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Take Your Life Back

Welcome to week the final week of our five-part series on healing from PTSD & Trauma. This final step is more of a commitment to yourself and your health than a skill per se. Regardless, embracing these four lifestyle choices can accelerate your recovery and healing after a traumatic experience.

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Take Your Life Back: Recovering From PTSD & Trauma – Part 4

In this fourth week of our five-part series, we offer a grounding exercise that can help you stop that sense of panic or loss of control. Once again, it will take some time heal. Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to mourn the losses you have experienced. It is also important not to force this process. Simply take each step with an open heart and mind. It can

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Take Your Life Back: Recovering From PTSD & Trauma – Part 3

As we affirmed last week, it does take time to heal. So we offer that you give yourself the gift of time and refrain from judgement and expectation. If you feel judgement or guilt arise, remind yourself that your emotions will surface and this is natural. Another valuable step is to stay grounded and there are some very simple skills that you can apply to your life.

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