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What Is Counselling And Therapy ?

Counselling is a broad term and varies depending upon the training, skills and personalities of the Counsellor, and the client. Additionally, the approach depends upon the particular needs or concerns that the client brings to each session. Counselling also requires an active effort on the part of the client. In order for counselling to be successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our sessions and at home. Counselling is a personal exploration and may lead to major changes in your life perspectives and decisions. Together we will work to achieve the best possible results for you. If you have any questions about my procedures and approaches, we can discuss them as they arise.

The Many Benefits of Counselling and Therapy

There are many benefits and challenges to counselling. Though it often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, where you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness, counselling can also lead to improved quality of life, better relationships, improved performance, strengthened self-esteem as well as solutions to specific problems.

The Nature of Counselling and Therapy:

Therapy can take many different possible forms. I approach it from an integrative perspective using modalities such as:

  • RClient-Centered Therapy
  • RPsychodynamic Therapy
  • REgo State
  • RStructural Family Therapy (FST)
  • RInternal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
  • RNarrative Therapy
  • RCognitive Behavioral (EMDR & DBT)
  • RNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • RSolution-Focused/Brief Therapy

Depending Upon Your Needs, Techniques Can Include:

  • RActive listening
  • RReframing
  • RIdentifying Irrational/Rational Beliefs
  • RParts Identification and Integration
  • RPsycho-educational discussions
  • RNeurofeedback/Neurotherapy
  • RBiofeedback
  • RRole-playing
  • REmpty chair
  • RCreative therapies
  • RHomework

We All Need Help At Some Point

We believe that clients have the capacity and resilience to resolve their own problems and make their own decisions. However, from time to time all of us need assistance, support, and direction. We hope working with us serves your needs to connect better to yourself and others, and to connect to your own capacity to change your experience.

We encourage you to be open and honest with yourself. Allow for times when things might not be so comfortable. These are your greatest moments for growth. And know, we will be there for you, holding your sacred and safe place.

Why Seek Counselling and Therapy?

You may seek counselling because you are in pain or in crisis or have an important decision to make or goal to reach and you need an unbiased, professional sounding board in order to make a clear decision.

Some people suffer from one of a host of symptoms such as depression, high anxiety, abuse, trauma, high anxiety, phobias, and addictions. These problems can seriously interfere with leading an enjoyable, fulfilling life and may result in mood changes, severe mental turmoil, insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, rage, violence, isolation, sexual dysfunction, self-esteem, severe mental turmoil and self-defeating, destructive behaviors.

Often people find comfort in seeking the help of a professional counselor or therapist as they face typical life transitions and changes in areas such as career, marriage, relationships, work, retirement, parenthood, accidents, serious illness, grief, loss, and bereavement. Whatever the challenge facing you, professional counselling and therapy can help!

When is Counselling and Therapy Helpful?

Many people seek counselling and therapy for a variety of reasons. Whether a client needs help with a crisis or simply to make an important life’s decisions, a professional, licensed counsellor can help with a range of life’s challenges including:

  • RTo help find a new perspective
  • RLearn new skills to deal with life’s challenges
  • RManage a crisis
  • RParents needing help with youth and teens in crisis
  • RAid in personal development
  • RPart of a well-balanced health care management strategy
  • REmotional fitness
  • RLife or success coach to learn strategies to excel and succeed in life, relationships, and career
  • RMany professionals seek help with their career path, couples seek help developing relationship skills

Anyone Can Benefit from Therapy

We facilitate the following to help others move away from obstacles and challenges towards preferred resolutions:

  • RIndividuals
  • RCouples
  • RFamilies
  • RAt risk teens and youth
  • RGroups

How Counselling and Therapy Can Help You?

Making it through the door is not an easy step for many clients. Engaging in counselling takes a lot of courage and provides you with the opportunity to discover much about yourself and address issues that may be challenging you or holding you back.

Do Any of the Following Sound True for You:

  • RDo you feel “stuck”?
  • RAre you feeling overwhelmed by your life?
  • RIs depression, anxiety, isolation or addiction interfering with our life, career and relationships?
  • RAre you at the point that you don’t feel you can’t take it anymore?
  • RWould you like to learn new skills for career and relationship?
  • RAre you facing an important decisions?
  • RAre you stressed?
  • RAre you at a loss?

Are You Challenged by Any of the Following:

  • RDepression
  • RAnxiety
  • RStress
  • RTrauma
  • RPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • RAnger
  • RCommunication issues
  • RSelf-loathing
  • RGuilt and shame
  • RCrisis
  • RIllness
  • RIsolation
  • RAttachment issues
  • RGrief and loss
  • RAddictions (drugs, prescription meds, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, videos, etc.)
  • RAlcohol and substance abuse
  • RLow self-esteem
  • RSelf-doubt
  • REating disorders
  • RProblems with body image
  • RAnger issues
  • RLoss and grief
  • REating disorders
  • RSelf-harm
  • RViolence
  • RSexual abuse
  • RRelationship issues
  • RRelationship problems
  • RCareer Change
  • RJob Loss
  • RFinancial issues
  • RRelationship affairs
  • RPhobias
  • RProblems with your identity
  • RCompelling thoughts
  • RUnhealthy sexual behaviors

We all need help at some time in our lives. A counsellor or therapist is an unbiased, non-judgemental, skilled professional who can help you deal with life’s challenges and cultivate the life you want. Counselling can help. Contact us at our Vancouver Counselling office for more information.

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