Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Explore the power of Neurotherapy to get “in the zone”: achieve new heights of accomplishment and sustainable transformation.

How Neurotherapy (or Neurofeedback) Can Achieve Sustainable Transformation

Known as the worst kept secret in professional sports, Neurotherapy has a strong track record helping professional athletes achieve their peak. Just ask the Italian soccer team about their 2006 world cup victory. And, Neurotherapy has also demonstrated ability to improve performance in many others areas including:

  • Sports & Athletics
  • Business
  • Education / School
  • Artistic Endeavors

All behavioral health conditions involve networks in the brain. Most professional coaches are aware of the mental component of training and how it cultivates the ability to get “in the zone”. However, it can be challenging to develop the mental component which requires changing the way your brain works. If you don’t achieve the mental component your training is wasted as established neural networks and negative habits can sabotage your efforts and lesson your level of success.

Neurofeedback is a form of cognitive brain training used by athletes and professionals all over the world to enhance their performance. It is ideal for performance enhancement because it optimizes and enhances your brain function. Whether you are a competitive athlete, executive, student or artist, Neurotherapy training has a proven track record of improving performance.

Neuroplasticity and Performance Optimization

When we are young the brain is constantly developing neurons and neural pathways. By adulthood the number of neural pathways begin to decrease. Scientists used to believe that by this point the brain functioning declines and loses its’ potential. However, this has been proven false by neuroplasticity research. The brain not only possesses the ability to strengthen existing pathways but to grow new neural pathways as well. The phenomenal ability is the basis of Neurotherapy and its’ potential to improve your brain’s functioning and subsequently your performance.

Neurofeedback and Performance Optimization

Neurofeedback training affects the quality of brain functioning by using a system of operant feedback combined with EEG parameters. This process enables you to develop the ability to intentionally manage the functioning of your brain as well as benefit from a more efficient allocation of your brain’s resources. This enables a more efficient usage of your brain but also and increased potential of your mind and subsequently your performance for specific activities.

What Specific Performance Benefits Can I Achieve?

The benefits will range depending upon your needs and commitment to training. The level of improvement varies by client, from subtle to strong. Our clients consistently report their overall ability to “get in the zone” and achieve greater performance. Specifically, they report and improvement in many of the following areas:

  • RBetter reaction times, response time and spatial/motor skills
  • RAccelerated concentration, learning and improved retention
  • RIncreased attention and awareness
  • RDecrease in errors and better memory
  • REnhanced emotional intelligence
  • REnhanced creativity
  • RAbility to Relax and achieve deeper periods of relaxation
  • RIncreased productivity and self-control
  • RImproved mind-body integration and overall well-being
  • RReduction or elimination of anxiety and stage-fright
  • RIncrease self-confidence and self-awareness
  • RDecreased susceptibility of burn-out

Get Started with a Brain Map (QEEG)

All training programs begin with a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) 19-channel brain map. This QEEB brain map will reveal what areas of your brain are dysregulated within the network or between the major networks of your brain. Your results are then analyzed against a normative database comparison. This will guide your individualized training protocol, targeting specific symptoms and areas of your brain that are underperforming or not performing optimally.
Training Sessions

Neurotherapy training requires commitment and regular sessions to maximize the benefits. This is necessary as you develop and strengthen new neural pathways and for the brain’s communication to regulate.

The optimal training frequency is 20 sessions (one or two times weekly).

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