Getting To Happy – For No Good Reason

The 5 Stages of Counselling

You don’t have to struggle and suffer. The truth is, you deserve to experience happiness for no other reason than it can be your natural state of being. And, there is a proven path to happiness through the “5 stages of counselling”.

Stage 1: Enough! The Last Straw

Also known as “fed up”, “rock bottom”, “hitting the wall”, “I can’t take it anymore”, or “enough is enough”…

Are you experiencing the “last straw”, feeling stuck or you’re just sick and tired of repeating the same old pattern?

Have you been thinking there must be a better way to live, or that life shouldn’t be this hard?

Are you in the same place you were 5 years ago – or – you afraid of waking up 5 years from now and realise nothing has changed?

Does change feel ambiguous or happiness unattainable?

You need to know that you can change your life for the better. And, what’s more, you don’t need a reason to feel peace and happiness. It is our belief that this is your true nature and natural birthright to be happy.

Getting started on a path towards happiness requires one, primary ingredient: the motivation or desire for change! You’re reading this article, so you’ve already accomplished your first milestone. So, we hope you will continue to explore the potential of this journey with Step 2:

Stage 2: Aha! Identify the Culprit

Sometimes the cause of your pain is obvious. Sometime, however, it is not so clear. You can easily become overwhelmed by pain and discomfort. It can also feel like it is a part of who you are when it is just something that you are experiencing. And, if you can uncover the cause and dissect its’ purpose, there is a definite chance to heal.

With your Counsellor’s insight and guidance, you can discover the culprit:

  • RUncover the true cause of your pain and suffering
  • RLearn what is holding You back or keeping you stuck

Stage 3: Ouch! Embrace the Growing Pains

There is no magic pill. Change takes work and perseverance. Occasionally it can be a little uncomfortable. And, sometimes you must clean the wound so it can breathe and heal. But anyone who has mastered the journey will tell you, the prize is well worth the effort! You will not only experience relief, but you will be stronger for your efforts. And, we will be there with you, supporting you every step of along the way.

Using an integrated approach, we will develop strategies for you to:

  • RFind relief from your pain
  • RHeal the root cause of your suffering
  • RDevelop more effective strategies for coping with life’s challenges
  • RBuild a plan for change that works for you

Stage 4: Relief! The Light at the End of the Tunnel

As you progress you will see the light at the end of the tunnel: glimpses of epiphany, peace, relief, happiness and new possibilities. You will start to see the evidence that a new way of being is possible for you as you:

  • RDevelop a new perspective and approach to your life
  • RDiscover the infinite potential of your inner strength
  • RFortify your new way of being

Step 5: Finally! Getting to Happy

Life is not perfect and will always present you with new challenges. But through counselling, the goal is to heal, become stronger, better able to cope and develop a new way of being that includes a foundation of peace and happiness. And, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel happy for no good reason other than you deserve to feel happy as your natural state of being.

We would be honored to join you on this journey as you:

  • RExperience the full expression of your life
  • RFind fulfillment in everyday living
  • RExperience peace of mind and happiness, for no good reason…

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