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At Innersight Counselling you will discover a highly skilled team of counsellors that are passionate about your well-being. We offer a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental space for you to grow, heal and thrive. Our Counsellors offer a range of services and approaches from talk therapy to leading-edge Neurotherapy.

Free Initial Consultation

We invite you to the Counsellor biographies and contact us for a free consultation either in person or over the phone (your choice).

This initial consultation gives you an opportunity to connect and discuss the issues that have motivated you to seek counselling. You will learn about your Counsellor’s approach as it pertains to your needs and what you can expect should you decide to move forward.

Rolf Schrader,

Rolf Schrader,


Accelerated Change with Lasting Results

Rolf’s goal as a counsellor is to help meet your needs, nurture your courage and strengths, and help find as well as embrace your truth and space in this world. As his clients will tell you, Rolf is kind, supportive, generous, compassionate, and open-minded. He will stand next to you, shoulder to shoulder, without judgment, in your darkest moments, always there for you with each step through your healing process.

Early in Rolf’s life he read a Viktor Frankl quote that had a profound impact on his own life’s journey… “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” It has shaped his ability as a counsellor to hold a safe and healing space for those who have faced the most traumatic experiences, to ease suffering

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Jennifer Lee,

Jennifer Lee,


Take Control of Your Life. Make better life’s decisions and take control of your future with a plan designed specifically for you.

We do not enter this world with the life skills necessary to manage our emotions and effectively navigate the challengesin this life. We often believe they are implicit when this simply is not true and we suffer unnecessary pain and struggle as a result. Jennifer offers an effective approach to build these critical life-skills is practical and solution based. This methodology will help you cultivate these critical capabilities and as a result, you can heal your pain and develop a stronger sense of identity, connection and belonging.

Jennifer knows firsthand the pain of not feeling you belong and struggling to find self-acceptance. From an early age, she faced the challenges of living in a bi-cultural world. Growing up in a traditional and conservative Taiwanese household, she struggled to strike a balance between honoring her family values and thriving in Western society. This shaped Jennifer’s identity in a profound way as she learned to not only navigate two distinctly different worlds but also appreciate both perspectives. As a result, Jennifer has incredible empathy and insight about growing and healing through cultural and identity crisis. As Jennifer’s client, you Jennifer Lee, RCC will feel heard and understood.

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