Victims of Violence Assistance

If You Have Been Impacted by Crime or Violence, Financial Help is Available

No-one is prepared for the experience of being a victim of crime or violence. The impact on your life can be devastating whether a victim, family member or witness.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by crime or violence you may be eligible for the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP). The program offers financial assistance to victims, their family members and witnesses for counselling and therapy services.

CVAP will cover a large percentage of counselling/therapy for the following:

  • RDomestic Violence
  • RSexual Assault
  • RChild Victims
  • RDating Violence
  • RStalking and Criminal Harassment
  • RElder Abuse and Neglect
  • RBeak and Enter

Visit the Crime Victim Assistance web page to learn more and apply.

Approved CVAP Therapist

I am an approved therapist with the Crimes Victims Assistant Program (CVAP).

Specialist in Trauma & PTSD

I specialize in trauma, anxiety and PTSD and have helped countless clients heal the wounds from crime and violence. I have extensive training and experience with therapeutic modalities such as EMDR and CBT that have been clinically proven to be efficacious for trauma, PTSD, and anxiety.