Anger Management

Turn Your Anger Into Your Ally

Discover the Source of this Destructive Emotion and Make it Work for You

You Are Angry for a Reason

Anger is a natural, healthy, human emotion and exists for a reason. In the right circumstances it serves an important purpose. It is a primal emotion and integral to survival, specifically during threatening circumstances.

The Many Manifestations…

Anger has many manifestations – open aggression, passive aggression, suppression, or “dropping it”. And, it can be caused by internal and external events.

The Triggers…

Anger can appear unexpectedly when you feel threatened, attacked, disrespected, ignored, trapped, pressured, frightened, or feel out of control. It can also be triggered by physical and/or emotional pain.

When Anger Takes Control…

When anger is too intense and you lose control, it becomes destructive, causing you can lash out at others or turn it inwards upon yourself. No matter what direction this primal weapon is pointed, when anger takes the controls, it wreaks havoc on your life, causing a swath of pain, negatively impacting your health, relationships and opportunities.

It’s Hard to Let Anger Go…

Anger may be hard to give up. But the reality is clear; anger stands in the way of your happiness. It is preventing you from living a fulfilling life and achieving your full potential. However, if understood and harnessed properly, can be cultivated into your powerful ally.

If You Find Yourself Uncomfortable on the Topic of Anger… It’s Time to Get Help

Anger Management: Learn to Master This Powerful Emotion

Gain the most profound and lasting results through my integrated therapeutic approach:

Learn the Reason

Discover the hidden source of your anger and the needs this emotion is attempting to meet.

Heal the Cause

Heal the root cause that initiates this destructive protocol.

Master the Emotion

Learn to master this powerful emotion & re-tool anger into a powerful ally.

These techniques are proven effective for anger management and can help you to achieve the following:

  • RLearn the source or root cause of your anger
  • RDiscover the triggers that unleash your dragon
  • RFind out what purpose your anger is serving
  • RLearn ways to harness and redirect this powerful emotion
  • RCultivate your inner strength and wisdom
  • RMake anger work for you, not against you

You will take back the controls and use your strength to direct your life and, through this process, acquire an arsenal of tools and resources that will benefit you throughout life.

What You Will Gain from My Therapeutic Approach

There are many techniques scientifically proven to manage anger and redirect it in a constructive manner. My approach to counseling incorporates the latest in neurological therapeutic techniques and designed for more profound and lasting healing while getting you the most effective results as quickly as possible.

The techniques I employ will be based upon your specific needs and situation but can include Neurotherapy (neurofeedback), EMDR, CBT, AEDP, IFS, NVC, DBT, EFT, NLP, and Mindfulness therapy.

Your First Session

In your first session you and I will establish your needs and wants as well as goals for our work together. From that basis, I will identify which therapeutic methodologies are right for you and form a fluid treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. This may change as our counselling sessions progress.

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