how we can help you

Our Commitment to You

We provide a safe, compassionate and confidential space where you are heard, respected and validated.

We listen to your unique set of circumstances and needs and tailor an approach that meets your goals.

You get lasting results you can trust.

You are Not the Problem

Life is challenging and often painful. Whether you are facing a crisis, a difficult decision or struggling with emotional pain, it is not always easy to see a clear path or solution. To complicate matters, you do not enter into this world with a manual on how life is supposed to work. Yet, you are expected to know all of the answers and live up to others’ expectations, not your own.

Together, we will work to break you free of these limitations and encumbrances, achieve awareness of the blocks that are limiting you and gain the insights that you are seeking. You will develop tools and skills to achieve the life you want.

You are Not Alone

We all need support, encouragement, and guidance at some point in our lives. Counselling can provide valuable insight and support as you navigate the challenges and obstacles that life presents. We can help you to:

  • RBecome fearless as you face life
  • RBe comfortable with who you are
  • RIdentify and empower inner strengths
  • RIdentify and release limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks
  • RLearn effective communication skills and hold healthy boundaries
  • RFeel more relaxed and at peace with yourself
  • RGet control over your addictions and phobias
  • RIncrease your confidence
  • RDevelop skills to resolve conflict in career and relationships
  • RCreate healthy relationships
  • RManage your anger and emotions
  • RDevelop healthy patterns and behaviors
  • RFeel confident
  • RFeel good about your body
  • RLearn coping skills
  • RLearn success skills, and
  • RRe-author the parts of your life that no longer serve you
  • RFeel secure in your sexual identity and orientation

Get Results: Achieve Positive and Lasting Change

We are aware of the financial commitment that is required for counselling. It is our goal to help you get the results you want as quickly as possible.

Free Phone Consultation

It is important to find a counsellor who is right for you. There are many approaches and methods and it is essential that you find the best fit in order to feel comfortable and achieve the results you are seeking.

For that reason we provide a free introductory phone consultation. This initial phone call gives us an opportunity to meet and for you to determine if my approach will achieve your goals. Contact us at our Vancouver counselling office to discuss your needs and how we can help you.