Telephone & Internet

I offer telephone, Internet therapy or coaching for individuals, couples, and families whose geographical or time restraint makes it difficult to attend face-to-face therapy or coaching at my Vancouver Counselling office. No matter where you live or just feel more comfortable staying at home, telephone or Internet therapy may be the perfect fit for your current lifestyle or situation.

Telephone and Internet counseling or coaching works the same as face-to-face counseling or coaching. However, each has unique technical requirements, which are:

Telephone Counselling and Coaching

  • RA good quality telephone
  • RA Long Distance Plan that minimizes charges to your account for session calls
  • ROur teleconferencing telephone number, which will be provided
  • RA private room to have your session in
  • RA credit card or bank interac e-Transfer in order to make a payment for your session.

Internet Counselling and Coaching (Skype and FaceTime)

  • RA good quality high-speed internet connection
  • RA video camera connected or built into your computer
  • RA microphone built in or connected to your computer
  • RA Skype account or free download of Oovoo, a secure and high-quality video conferencing application
  • ROur Skype or FaceTime ID (we will provide this after you schedule your appointment)
  • RA private room for your sessions
  • RA credit card or bank interac e-Transfer in order to make a payment for your session.

Consent with respect to the following:

Telephone and Internet Counselling and Coaching Terms and Conditions of Use

By consenting and paying for my counseling services, you agree to have read, understood,and signed the Telephone and Internet Counseling and Coaching Terms and Conditions of Use as well as Informed Consent and Service Request, which has been returned to therapist before services commence, as well as noted below, in summary.


All interactions are confidential however some exceptions include court subpoena of files; risk of suicide or harm to someone else; disclosure of child or elder abuse; and signed consent of client to release information.

Payment policy:

Payment for an individual session is $140, $150 for couples and family. Sessions are 50 minutes and payment is to be made before the start of the session via Interact e-Transfer or credit card.

Cancellation policy:

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your online appointment, or you will be charged in full for the missed session. There are no refunds.

Location of Services:

You agree that the counseling services provided, either by telephone or on the Internet, will be considered, for all legal purposes, to take place at the counselor’s locations in Vancouver.