Take Your Life Back: Recovering From PTSD & Trauma – Part 1

Acknowledge Your Emotions/Feelings Traumatic events dramatically impact our lives. Accidents, injury, violence, the loss of a loved one, as well as less obvious events (see more causes and symptoms), can cause debilitating physical and emotional symptoms that negatively impacts our normal activities or enjoyment of life. Surprisingly, some of us can be suffering from the symptoms of trauma and not recognize those debilitating symptoms as

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Rolf featured in Esperanza Magazine

Rolf is featured in the Winter 2015 edition of Esperanza, the award-winning magazine dedicated to increasing awareness of depression and anxiety. In the article, Lesson Plan – If Depression Returns, Let it be Your Teacher Instead of your Adversary, Rolf emphasizes the benefit of externalizing depression. By doing so, he continues, it no longer becomes all consuming. Depression becomes just another experience in your life or a protective protocol. By separating yourself from the overwhelm of the emotion, you become the

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7 Steps for Turning Difficult Conversations into Successful Relationships

Is there a conversation that you need to have but are avoiding because you know it will be difficult or create conflict? It is uncomfortable dealing with conflict and being the “bearer of bad news.” It can be embarrassing or awkward to tell a friend or colleague that they have bad breath or have made a costly mistake. We also fear not being liked if we assert our boundaries. As a result, we tend to avoid difficult conversations. Sometimes we

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Increasing Intimacy

Valentine’s Day is one day of the year that we are all aware of romance. Symbols of hearts, doves and cupid decorate the social landscape amplifying the pressure to express our feelings to our partner. And although romantic dinners, chocolates and roses are important they don’t make a lasting impact on our relationship without one key ingredient: intimacy.

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Rewire Your Brain

Stop Your Brain from Sabotaging Your New Year Resolution Success! 5 Steps to Rewire Your Brain January 1, 2013 by Stephanie Wise and Rolf Schrader – Counselling, Vancouver, BC Are you launching into 2013 with a New Year Resolution? If so, you are not alone. The start of a new year is symbolic of new beginnings and so, not surprisingly, the tradition has a popular and long history dating back to ancient Babylonia and Rome. Even Medieval knights took the “peacock vow” at

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7 Skills to Avoid Family Drama

Do your visions of the upcoming holiday season with your family conjure scenes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or does your mind venture into the dark terrain of Bad Santa? Does the phrase “home for the holidays” fill you with feelings of anticipation and excitement or the urge to set aside cash for an early departure change fee? Ah, the holidays.

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