Take Your Life Back: Recovering From PTSD & Trauma – Part 3

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As we affirmed last week, it does take time to heal. So we offer that you give yourself the gift of time and refrain from judgement and expectation. If you feel judgement or guilt arise, remind yourself that your emotions will surface and this is natural. Another valuable step is to stay grounded and there are some very simple skills that you can apply to your life.

Skill 3 (of 5): Stay Grounded

  • RDaily Routine
    It is important that you stick to a daily routine. If you don’t already have a structured schedule, create one. This includes setting a specific time for sleeping, eating, working, exercise, as well as rest. This structure is a key step in gaining control over your life..
  • RTake a Time Out
    Give yourself a “time out” from thinking about your pain and trauma. Ruminating about your trauma or desire to heal will only increase your worry and anxiety. Acknowledge that you have already committed to your healing process so give your mind permission to focus on something else. Keep your mind occupied. Practice mindfulness. Read a book. Learn something new. Start a hobby or participate in a sporting activity.
  • RBaby Steps

    Embrace the concept of “baby steps”. This means keeping your tasks manageable. This isn’t the time for commit to climbing Everest. Take pleasure in the simple things and completing small tasks.

  • RLet Your Heart Sing
    If you are feeling anger, sadness, hopeless or anxious, do something that will make you feel the exact opposite. Find activities that are uplifting; dance, sing karaoke, go bowling, watch a funny movie, play with your partner, children or pets. Is there someone that you know who makes you laugh? Take them for coffee.

I offer that you give at least one of these skills a try. One small step can make a huge difference. Take one small step with no other expectation than accomplishing that skill. Be open to the experience. Remember, taking or considering a new, healthy direction is a great start to quieting the ruminating, monkey mind and rewiring your brain.

Next week we offer a wonderful grounding exercise.

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