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If you are curious about NEUROFEEDBACK (or Neurotherapy), you will want to watch this enlightening video on Neurofeedback for anxiety and ADHD.

More people than you realize struggle with debilitating anxiety. Many have tried medication, however, often this does not solve the root problem. Neurofeedback, a non-invasive therapeutic protocol, has shown efficacy for anxiety among many other conditions. It works by showing the brain a mirror of itself and providing it with feedback that gives it subtle queues – either visually, auditory or both – that allows it to self-correct. Your brain shifts into more functional patterns. Essentially, through Neurofeedback brain training, you harness your own brain’s ability to self-correct.

Neurofeedack can also be used for children and ADHD to do the following:

  • RIncrease attention
  • RDecrease activity level
  • RDecrease impulsivity
  • RIncrease executive function.

Neurofeedback is ideal for many other conditions such as addiction recovery, anger management, traumatic brain injury (concussion), chronic pain concentration and performance to name just a few.

Watch the short video below or visit our Neurofeedback page for more information.